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Happy New Year!

So where was I?

Oh yes...


Okay, bear with me on this...

So here I was wrapping up my City of Heroes comics and wondering what I was doing to do next.  Obviously I wanted to pick up where I left off with Galatea Future over in the world of Champions Online, but I couldn't keep referring to it as "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" if she no longer considers herself to be "lost", and there's no way for to be "returned" to where she came from.

The "Lost Adventures" needed to end so I could talk about the "next chapter" in her life.

But then I wondered if I could keep promoting her over at the Guardians of the Dawn website.  Yes, I did that with "Lost", but that was partially because I didn't know if I would be bringing her back to City of Heroes.  And as much as I wanted to keep using that website, it was designed for an MMO that only exists in our creative minds now.  

So I decided to create a new website to promote the "new project", much like I did for "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" and "The Guardian Powers".  And then my brain began working overtime...

What if I did a comic in the world of Star Trek Online?  What if I did another comic series that wouldn't be connected to Galatea Future?  What about a collaborative comic with another artist?  (Hey, I AM still a member of the City of Comic Creators, and that hasn't gone away when The City did.)  Would I have to create new websites for all of them?

Then I looked at my "Tales from Paragon City" series, which was pretty much buried in a Blogger site and I wanted to do something to take care of that.

THAT led to the creation of BATTLEROCK COMICS.

The name "Battlerock Comics" in homage to my original character in CoH, Battlerock X.  The website and logo will allow me to host several comic series instead of just the one, SO if I move to Star Trek Online, SO if I find a way to come up with my own original comic in my own original universe, SO if I work on a collaboration with other artists, I don't have to come up with new websites for each and every series.  Each series will have its own page with all of the MMO disclaimers there.  And I'm not clogging my main production website Get Brutal Productions with dozens of different comic titles when I can simply refer curious people to Battlerock Comics and the other interested parties to the various radio and column sites.

The first title under this new "Battlerock Comics" imprint...
Future's Guardian logo by djmatt2

Yes, that "new project" featuring Galatea Future.

Want to see an ad?  Sure you would...
Future's Guardian Ad - Athena by djmatt2

So... what do you guys think?  Oh, and I'll have many more ads as well.

"The City" may be lost... but the stories of heroism continue.

Welcome to 2013: the year of BATTLEROCK COMICS!

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