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Island Arrival - Part 2
(Note: All characters are part of the creative universe of ~ExGemini.  Any resemblances to characters in other universes are just coincidences.  Please take it as such.  This is a continuation of “Island Arrival”.)

DJ’s first morning at the Island was far from restful.  With Kory Anders as his personal guide and vacation companion, the only sights he got to see were of her in the hotel room.  Fortunately, he managed to get some sleep during the plane flight there, because they certainly had little time to sleep in the hotel.  It was an eye-opening experience for them both.

Kory promised DJ a tour of the Island, but first she had a shoot she had to do for the “Queen of the Beach” competition.  She personally flew him over to the Sun Temple, where she was quick to show off the violet bikini she was asked to wear.

“Can you help me with this?” she coyly asked him as she held the top to her generous chest.

With a free hand, she pulled her long red hair across her shoulder to allow him to tie the upper part of her top.  But before the bottom half could be tied, the first one somehow came undone.

“Didn’t like how it was tied,” he said with a grin.

This continued for a little while before they realized how late the time was.

“I have to get to the club,” DJ said as he finally finished tying the top of her bikini, “and you need to do your shoot.”

“Will I see you afterwards?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he said as he kissed the nape of her neck.


Janet Van Dyne’s nightclub on the Island is called “The Glow”.  As an all-purpose pub, restaurant, and dance club, it offers a variety of entertainment and social interaction to the special guests.

DJ’s job as disc-jockey was something that he took seriously, and when Janet asked him to help improve the sound system, he took it as a great opportunity to let loose.  His laundry list of items for Sage to get would give him the advantage that he was looking for to make the club the most stimulating place on the island.  But even Janet didn’t realize how literal he meant by “stimulating”.

When Janet arrived in the nightclub, she was surprised to see that the all the dance areas were cordoned off.  DJ was busy programming on his laptop.

“DJ?” she said out loud from the other side of the room.  “What’s going on?”

He put up a silent finger and gestured for her to come over.

Janet shrank down into wasp form and flew across the main dance floor, getting a whiff of the odor coming from the floor.

“WHAT did you do to my floors?” she asked.

“Ssshh…” he said softly.  “Not so loud.”

“These floors get cleaned every morning,” she explained quietly.

“Yes, I know,” he said.  “And I made sure that they were cleaned again before I did this.”

“Did WHAT?”

“I’ve put a special glaze on the dance floors.  It’s something DJ Zero and I came up with to help cut down on noise.  You know how women always ask the dee-jay to turn up the volume?”

“Sure,” she replied, “because she wants to feel the vibrations of the music… down…” she paused as she realized where he was going with this.  “What did you put on the floor?”

“It’s a special floor wax,” he said, “made with particles of Antarctic Vibranium.”

“Anti-metal?” Janet said in shock.  “You put ANTI-METAL in the wax?”

“Ssshhh!  Not so loud.  Takes a little while for it to dry,” he explained, “but once it does, it amplifies the vibrations of the music played without having to increase the volume.  And because it comes UP from the floor…”

“But anti-metal is unstable!” Janet exclaimed. “It causes molecular liquidfication!”

“When you use enough of it,” he said.  “But this wax uses less than two percent.  Just enough to rebound on the vibrations, but not enough to destabilize molecular bonds.  I asked Tessa to double check with Hank McCoy, and so far everything works.  I just have to wait for it to dry and then you’ll find out for yourself.”  With that, he gestured her towards the laptop, which displayed the email from the Xavier Institute verifying his claim.

She was still skeptical, even with the assurances from McCoy, but she was also eager to be the first to sample the results.


Outside of the nightclub, a lavender-haired temptress sat at the far end of the pub area.  She was dressed in a red sundress highlighted with green outlines of sea creatures.  She called the design “The Blood of Atlantis”, and tried to sell it to Janet’s clothing store, but the mutant debutante quickly said no to the idea.

An orange-skinned figure wearing a black cover-up over a metallic blue battle-style bikini sat down across from her.

“She wore MY BIKINI!” she exclaimed.  “The NERVE of her!  She wore MY BIKINI!”

“Technically it was her bikini first,” Circe corrected her.  “You just found out what she was going to wear and then took it.  Besides she ended up wearing a lighter shade.”

“But STILL!” she objected.  “She should have been forced to change outfits entirely!  But noooooo… Nathan has her doing the exact opposite of what I do!  I pick the Moon Observatory; she gets the Temple of the Sun!”

“Koma…” Circe said with as much patience as she ever could possess, “do you know why I even let you be friends with me here on this island?”

Koma Anders, the older sister to Kory, paused for a moment.  “Be-cause we both have a streak of obsessive jealousy and because miserly loves company?”

Circe closed her eyes in frustration.  “No… although you do have a point.”  She took a breath and then stared deep into Koma’s green eyes.  “It’s because we both know what it’s like to be pushed aside.  Look at you!  You’re BlackFire!  You’re the next-in-line for your father’s throne!  And yet everyone talks about your sister!  Everyone is wasting their time talking about how GREAT StarFire is and how BEAUTIFUL she is.”

Circe could see BlackFire’s eyes get darker and darker with venomous anger.  She was relishing in pushing BlackFire’s buttons.

“I am the older sister,” BlackFire fumed.  “They should be paying ME the compliments!”

“And look who gets to lead our new disc-jockey around the island?” Circe added.  “Is it you?  No… it’s her.  She gets to spend all sorts of time with him, and of course he gets to be the center of attention, which means that SHE gets to be the center of attention…”

“Enough!” Koma said finally.  “I get the point.  So why did you ask me to meet you here?”

“Because right now, DJ is in the nightclub, getting ready for his big debut.  I don’t know what he’s doing in there, but I do know that in the dark, he couldn’t tell you and your sister apart if he wanted to.”  Circe leaned in even closer.  “He may not even know that you’re here on the island.”

Koma soon caught on to what her “friend” was getting at.  “Wouldn’t it be a pity if my ‘dear sister’ did something to his precious equipment?”

“Or his laptop,” Circe suggested.  “Where all of his music can be found.”

“Kory has been known to be a little… clumsy,” Koma said with a grin.

The two waited until Janet left the club, leaving DJ all by himself.  The club doors had locks, but nobody ever had the forethought to protect against magic.  Making sure there were no witnesses, Circe cast a simple spell to unlock the door and then they quickly made their way inside.

The house lights were dimmed down and the dance floor lights were up.  Holographic displays appeared on the walls as accent lights surrounded the tables and chairs surrounding the club.

There were four dance floors, including the main dance floor, the one in the VIP area, and two floating stages.  Koma and Circe quietly made their way to the VIP area and waited to plan their next move.  They both saw DJ working at his booth, headphones over his ears, hunched down over his laptop, oblivious to the figures moving up in the upper levels.

“He doesn’t look that special to me,” Koma whispered.

“You have to see him up close,” Circe replied.  “Don’t worry, just play stupid and slutty.”

“You know I hate doing her voice.  She sounds like a little girl.”

“Just get next to him,” she said.  “Suck up to him.  I’ll use my magic and create a distraction, then you can blast his laptop and that will ruin his debut and your sister will get all the blame.”

BlackFire was prepared to say something in response, but she decided against it.  They really didn’t have too much time to carry this out.  She pulled off her cover-up to reveal the blue metallic bikini underneath.  Then she pulled off the rubber band that was holding her hair in a ponytail.  She checked to make sure her breasts were fully lifted in the top and that her butt was peaking out from the bottoms, then she floated her way down to the floor level and pretended to come in from the front door.

“DJ?” she said in a soft child-like voice.

Circe cursed at not being able to get a good view of the area.  She used her magic to teleport herself down to one of the floating stages and waited patiently for the right time.  From where she could see, DJ was still involved in his work, oblivious to Koma’s approach.

“DJ?” Koma said, mentally kicking herself for having to sound like such a ditz.  “I thought I would surprise you.”

Koma hovered over the illuminated dance floor.  If there was any time for their plan to work, it had to be now.  Circe really didn’t know what the switches on the soundboard did, but she hoped flipping the right one would give her partner-in-crime the needed excuse to blast the laptop.

“And… go!” she whispered as she cast her spell.

Immediately the room reverberated to Rogue Trader’s song “Voodoo Child”.  The speakers situated near the running board of the dance floors… ALL the dance floors… immediately played the song at full volume.  The sound-waves hit the floor covered in DJ’s special anti-metal wax and reverberated back upward.

BlackFire’s body immediately went rigid in overwhelming sensation.

“EEEP!” she belted out as she felt her arms and feet lock out.  Even her hair shot out in a cartoon-like position as her green eyes went wild in delight.  It was as though suddenly every singe erogenous zone in her body was being touched at once, and she had NEVER felt that way before.

It took only a second for DJ to realize what had happened.  He pulled the headphones off and clicked the mute switch for the input feed.  As soon as he did, he saw Koma fall to the floor in exhaustion, energy crackling from her hair and fingers.

“Oh my god, Kory, are you okay?” he said as he raced over to her.  “Honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know how that could have happened…”

He knelt down and examined her body.  She was clearly flushed, but otherwise not physically harmed.

She opened her green Tamaranian eyes and stared into his hazel and very human eyes.

“Wow,” she creaked out, “now I know what the talk is about.  You really do have a seductive look about you!”

“You should know,” he replied with a grin.  “But why are you here?”

For a minute, Koma Anders didn’t realize that he didn’t know about the deception.  He didn’t know that she was only pretending to be her younger sister.  But once she started coming to her senses, she realized that she had blown her chance to sabotage his setup and now she had to come up with an excuse.

“I…” she first said in her normal voice, then lightened it to match Kory’s tone.  “I… thought that I would surprise you at your dee-jaying thing.”

“What’s going on?” Janet asked as she flew over to the duo.  “I go away for a few minutes and next thing I know…”  Then she saw who the woman was next to DJ.  She immediately grew back to normal human size and aimed one of her stingers gloves at the Tamaranian.  “DJ, step away from her slowly.”

“What?” he said incredulously.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  This is Kory.  You know her!”

“That’s not StarFire!” Jane said.  “That’s her older sister, BlackFire!”

“What?” he said, still not able to believe it.  He looked down at Koma.  “Is this true?”

Koma Anders quickly dropped the pretense and turned to face Janet.  “I’m a little tired right now,” she said, “so I’m not going to keep the charade going.  HOW did you know?”

“Because I got done speaking with Kory on the phone,” Janet said.  “She was with her friend Donna and wanted to make sure DJ was doing okay.  Besides, she doesn’t give off black sparks between her fingers.”

DJ looked over at Koma’s hand.  Sure enough arcs of black residual electricity danced between her fingers.  He gently helped her up.

“I hope you have a good explanation,” he said.

She sighed.  “Okay, you caught me.  A little bird told me that my baby sis was playing footsie with the new guy and I wanted to see how close you two were, that’s all.”

“Right,” Janet said skeptically.  “And I suppose that little bird had lavender hair and went by the name of Circe?”

“And if she did?” Koma challenged.

“If she did, then she certainly made a mistake of leaving you to take the fall for whatever it is you two had planned,” Janet replied.  “In fact since there was no sign of a break-in, and I know that I locked the door when I stepped out, there was no way you could have gotten in without her magic.”

Koma rolled her eyes in defeat.  “Fine!  Last I saw she was up there in the VIP area.”

Janet shrank down into her Wasp form and flew up to the VIP area, only to find it empty.  She started to turn back to grill BlackFire when she saw a figure laying flat on one of the floating stages.

“DJ!” she called out.  “Lower floating stage two!  And hurry!”

DJ went over to his controls and lowered the floating stage to the main dance floor.  The top of the stage gave a strange glow which changed with the lights.  As the hovering platform reached eye-level, DJ and BlackFire could see Circe laying face-down on the platform.  The top part of her back was heaving strongly as she was breathing heavily and there was a slightly musty smell to the area.

DJ checked Circe’s vitals and then gently rolled her over to her back.  Her face was locked in an expression of sheer bliss.  The front of her dress was matted in sweat.

“Magic did have a way of amplifying anti-metal’s effects,” Janet said smugly.

Circe rolled her head over towards Janet.  “Whatever you’re paying him to be here,” she said softly, “double it.  He’s worth it.”


Later that night, The Glow was opened with a fuller-than-usual crowd.  Word of BlackFire and Circe being overcome by the new “Glow-vibe” experience drew all the ladies to the club, each of them eager to see if the rumors were true.

Janet Van Dyne’s Glow accessories sold out early, which Janet considered to be a very good sign.  She also promised DJ that she would be asking Nathan to bring over an expert in magic to help augment the door locks.  Someone, she said, who also knows a thing or two about performances.

Nathan Furian was the one who made the introductions.  With his fiancée Diana by his side, he addressed the mostly-female crowd.

“Okay,” he said into the microphone, “I’m sure many of you heard about our new visitor.  He comes all the way from Paragon City to party with the BEST!  And he’s already made an impression with a couple of folks…”

Kory blushed in the crowd.  A few ladies who also heard the rumors giggled.

“… So let’s get this party started with a nice Island welcome to… DEE-JAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!”

DJ came out from behind the curtain amidst the cheering of the mostly-female crowd.  Wearing a black tee-shirt with black Bermuda shorts, he turned on the wireless headset after shaking Nathan’s hand.

“How’s everyone doing TONIGHT?” he said in a loud voice.

The crowd voiced their approval.

“Well I’m sure you’ve heard about it, now’s the time for you to experience it… the Glow-vibe!”

He turned on the music, starting off with “Voodoo Child”.  He turned down the house lights, brought up the club lights, activated the Glow accessories, and then waited for the right moment…

As the band’s chorus sounded for the second time, he activated the floor speakers, which vibrated the noise down to the floor, bouncing off the anti-metal wax and back up towards the mostly-female dancers who screamed in appreciation.  The volume wasn’t really loud, but with everyone dancing and the vibrations from the music bouncing off the floor, the sensations were more than enough for the crowd.

The crowd cheered loudly again when the second half of the surprise was unveiled, as DJ put on a pair of special sunglasses.  The sunglasses had night lenses that would allow him to see his equipment as though it was the middle of the day, but they also had small cameras pointing at his eyes.  With a flip of the small switch, a real-time holographic image of his piercing eyes was projected over the main dance floor.

Nathan retired up to the VIP area along with Diana, who stayed in the upper-level dance area.  Kory and Donna were dancing away on one of the floating stages, with Thundra and Titania on the other stage.  She-Hulk dominated the main dance floor in her statuesque green form, along with Arachne, Power Girl, Ms. Marvel, Rogue, Black Widow, Fire, and Black Canary.  Black Cat, ever the exhibitionist, quickly stripped down after the third intense song, dancing only in her bra and panties, her body already glistening with sweat.  A few other ladies soon followed, much to the pleasure of the few men in attendance.  

Ares and Hayden quickly joined the ladies on the main dance floor, leaving Nathan to talk with Janet and Hippolyta.  He found it hard to take his attention off his fiancée, especially with the Black Queen joining her on the upper dance floor.

“I’m surprised you aren’t up there with them,” Nathan told Janet.

“I had a taste earlier,” Janet said with a wicked grin.  “I still have my concerns about the anti-metal, but DJ said he’s used it before in Paragon City without any problems.”  Then she turned to Hippolyta.  “So why aren’t YOU out there with your daughters, Polly?”

“A true queen doesn’t do that sort of stuff,” Hippolyta said.  “At least not where the commoners can watch.”

“Isabella doesn’t seem to have a problem with that,” Janet said, gesturing to the Black Queen.

“She’s not dancing with her own daughter,” Polly replied.  “Besides, who will watch out for Nathan while my daughters are out having fun?”

Nathan held his tongue.  He knew that he didn’t need protection, but he also knew better than to open his mouth and question not only his future mother-in-law but someone he was first intimate with before meeting Diana.

Out by the main floor, Tigra talked with the Invisible Woman, who continually phased between visible states depending on her emotions.  They were both surprised at the arrival of a new guest… a woman who was just as big and muscular as She-Hulk, but completely red in color.  The Red-Shulk stayed close to the door and watched from a distance.  The feline woman made her way over to the stranger and tried to strike up a conversation, but the newcomer did not respond.  Annoyed at being ignored, Tigra made her way back to her old friend from New York, leaving the stranger to just watch.


By the time the party ended, everyone was completely exhausted and more than satisfied with the turnout. Some, like Nathan and Diana, left early.  The red-skinned visitor also left early in the night before anyone else could ask her any questions.

Kory and Donna stayed to talk with DJ, as did Power Girl, who seemed to have a lot of questions for DJ about Paragon City.  Apparently Kara heard rumors of a lookalike in Paragon City, but DJ said he never heard of anyone that looked like her, although he did speculate that maybe it was a story from an alternate dimension.  Satisfied with his answer for the time, Kara left the trio to their much-needed conversation.


Circe did not want to show her face anywhere near The Glow.  Not after what had happened.  She decided to stay in the little lagoon not far from Nathan’s residence.  The birds and the sounds of the waterfall did little to quell the seething hate that bubbled up within her concerning her embarrassing situation.

“I was told I would find you here,” said a voice from the other side of the lagoon.

Circe turned in shock, her fingers ready to cast a quick spell, when she realized that the voice was from DJ.  He walked over wearing a wood-colored shirt with wooden buttons over black shorts.

“I’m surprised you would be anyplace without your escort,” she said with a pout.  “Where is your orange-skinned balloon girl?”

“Kory is around,” he said.  “Actually she and I have an understanding.  Or more along the lines of she explained the situation to me and I understood.”

“And what is THAT supposed to mean?” Circe said indignantly.  

“It means that Kory is a really great friend, with obvious benefits,” he said as he came close to her, “but that doesn’t mean that she is dedicated just to one person.”

“So you’re here to… what, suck up to me now?” she said with a hint of scorn in her voice.  “Play me like she played you?  Are you trying to make me your rebound girl?”

DJ laughed.  “Nothing of the sort,” he replied.  “Unless you want to be one, of course.”

She glared at him.  “Be mindful, mortal.”

“No disrespect intended, Circe,” he said.  “Listen, what I said to Nathan before coming to the Island is true… you are an absolutely beautiful woman.  You always have been.  And I happen to know a thing or two about wanting something that you can never have.”

“I am NOT here to be your charity case!” she said strongly.

“Nor ARE you my charity case,” he replied equally strong.  “But should you desire someone to talk WITH instead of talk TO, you know where to find me.  And you don’t need magic to do that.”

Circe paused for a moment.  “You have given me something to ponder, mortal.  I… I shall consider it.”

She waited for DJ to leave before gesturing to the nude figure behind the waterfall.

The red-skinned muscular beauty appeared through the water.

“He was cute,” she said.  “Just like last night.”

“He’s off limits to you, Katia.  Besides, I have a different assignment for you.  I want you to team up with your green-skinned counterpart.  I’ve already planted the seeds of jealousy in Ms. Walters concerning our island patron.  The two of you are going to give Nathan Furian a workout he’ll never forget.”


“So how did it go?” Donna asked.

“As can be expected,” DJ said as he emerged from the small path that led to Circe’s private lagoon.  “She’s still fuming about what happened.”

“Served her right,” she said spitefully.  “She’s been a pain in my family’s life for centuries, DJ.  I don’t know why you even bother with her.”

“I love beautiful women, what can I say?” he replied with a grin.  “Speaking of beautiful women, weren’t you and Kory saying you wanted to show me Nathan’s secret grotto?”

Donna’s face brightened.  “I suppose I do owe you a tour of my future brother-in-law’s house since you are still new to the island.  And it’s better that I give you that tour than have my mother or sister do it.”  She wrapped an arm around DJ’s waist.  “Come on, I’ll fly us over to see Kory.”

DJ still wasn’t used to being flown about by someone else, never mind by someone as beautiful as either Donna or Kory, but, he thought to himself as he clinched his arm around Donna’s toga-clad back, he could learn to get used to it.

As promised, here is part 2 of "Island Arrival". It IS considered mature, hence the warnings.

All thanks go to :iconexgemini: and those who are members of the Island, including :iconblackqueen77: , :iconmichiganj24:, and :iconmonkey-lord: who were included.

And as I mention in the story, the fun has just begun.

(Update: The story was slightly changed to correct a mistake that was brought to my attention in the comments.)
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L1701E Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012
My character Kid Razor would love to see the Island. With all those beautiful women there in one place, he'd never be able to resist checking it out.
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No doubt. That's why I like it. :)
ExGemini Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like I said for your first story, brilliant work without any doubt.

The Glow was already a famous and heavily frequented place, now that you put that stuff on the floor I guess that Janet will make so much money that she can retire in less than a week :)
On the other hand I'm quite sure you knew that doing so you'll attract the anger of all the men on the Island for this ... male inadequacy is a dangerous zone :nod:

I'm no seer and I can't stare into the future but in yours, well I think I see a double fun with the orange baloon sisters ... there is nothing more effective that a good man to bring peace in a tormented family like theirs :nod:
That ofcourse if you have enought spare time between all the girls that seems to orbits around your character, including one that looks dangerous like Jupiter, Circe.

Ahm Nathan and Diana are not married, God forbid! ... They are engaged yes but don't use that word please, it's scary like hell. Engaged... not Married, nono ... please don't. :X

"Apparently Kara heard rumors of a lookalike in Paragon City" Who? :threaten:
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Updated and fixed.
ExGemini Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great, thanks :nod:
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, and thank you for the :+fav:
ExGemini Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, you are welcome :nod:
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Well then my apologies for being optimistic for Diana. (Maybe it was because of her DCU version just being dumped by Nemesis.) I shall make the correction and update the story shortly.

You didn't hear about Kara's reported lookalike? [link] Don't worry, that is getting "cleared up" in a forthcoming story called "The Guardian Exiles".
ExGemini Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No apology need. It's a good misunderstanding actually. The same kind that happens in real life when you don't have yet met or talk with all the parties involved :)

Sorry I totally missed Galatea, even if the name is somehow familiar :)
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009
I find your writing very enjoyable from the beginning to end :nod:
I like the way you describe things without loosing too much time in it and, as result, the whole tale stay smooth and fluent.

Now! The Vibranium Wax on the floor is a brilliant idea, and at least for a while, it should ease down the pressure to the general population of women on the Island, due the lack of men power :P

So you are aiming at Circe mh? I'm really curiouse to see how this is going to be :evillaugh: She is a pussycat... it's just that she is a little in abstinence of sex since... mmh 10 years or down the line? But you didn't knew from me, she will be quite pissed if she knew :D

Oh a small note: Diana is not married with Nathan yet, they are engaged, that's for sure and at the moment there is a little "trouble" between them thanks to Circe ( for a change mh? )

I can't wait to read more of your adventures if you planing to do so. I would sudjest you to talk a bit with Nathan, he seems a little pissed of some some reason :shrug:
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. And thanks for the :+fav: too!
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009
:petting: You must be really really tired and or busy dear. Usually you are way more expansive that his in comments :)
You are welcome btw :glomp:
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually it's been a little bit of both. :yawn:
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
Superbly awesome story loved the vibranium mention. You are going to have to make me up the ante her my friend good show
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you thank you.
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
Welcome Welcome
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