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November 15, 2009
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First Meeting

(The following is based on the wonderful fantasy world of ~ExGemini.  Any comparisons to certain characters in other publications should be considered mere coincidences.  This story takes place prior to the creation of Nathan's Island.)

Diana landed her special plane in the bright blue waters off the coast of Themyscira and used the momentum of the landing to bring it coasting into the cove on its landing pontoons.  Once docked, she quickly took off her star-spangled clothes, aside from her tiara and bracelets, and put on a white-and-gold toga wrapped in cord from her lasso, and tied up the golden sandals on her feet.  

Here, she was no longer Man's Champion, dressed up in patriotic colors.  Here she was a princess, the heir to the throne, and a loving daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

Using the powers that the gods bestowed, Diana flew to the palace, passing over the villages full of Amazon warriors.  She landed at the ledge of the palace where her mother would normally greet her.  But the ledge was empty.

"Mother?" she said loudly. "I'm home!"

There was no response.

"Mother?" she said again.

"Welcome home, Princess," said one of the female guards.  "Unfortunately the queen has not been here for quite some time."

"WHAT?" Diana said in shock.  "Where did she go?  Did she go back to Man's World?"

"No," said another voice coming from over the balcony.

Diana's sister Donna also arrived by air, although she did not change out of the clothes she normally wears in "Man's World".  She was still dressed in her black-and-silver outfit that sparkled like the cosmos.

"I checked with Ted," Donna said as she landed.  "Our mother hasn't paid the Society any visits recently.  In fact Ted seemed a little concerned about that."

"No doubt," Diana said snidely.  It was only recently that she found out that their mother had engaged in an intimate relationship with the aged boxer when she worked with the Society.  That news, combined with the news of her former beloved Steve and her best friend getting married, almost made Diana swear off men completely.

Eme, the queen's aide, came rushing up.

"I'm sorry Princess Diana, Princess Donna," she said as paused to take a breath.  "I had just heard that you had returned.  Queen Hippolyta is not here."

"Yes," Donna said with a smile, "we know that.  Where IS she?"

"She… oh my… I really shouldn't…"

Diana was losing patience.  "Eme, WHERE is our mother?"

Eme gulped.  "Hera, forgive me…" she said under her breath.

The Isle of Aphrodite was considered to be a private place, separate from Themyscira itself.  It was here that stranded sailors would be taken so they would not "contaminate" the feminine purity of the island.  There they would be enchanted, seduced, and then quickly killed and disposed of when the Amazons were tired of them.

Only a handful of mortal men even knew the main island existed, and of that number only a smaller percentage were ever welcomed.  The rest would be taken to the Isle for the explicit pleasure of the Amazons.

Diana and Donna, now both dressed in appropriate attire, flew to the Isle.  There they walked past the various structures that were used to house and seduce the men, making their way to the largest of the structures at the top of the hill.

There, in front of the ionic structure, stood Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, dressed in a simple toga.

"MOTHER!" Diana said as they landed.

Hippolyta gave an uneasy smile as she watched her daughters land.

"Diana, Donna… daughters," she said calmly.  "What brings you here?"

"You do!" Donna exclaimed.  "Mother, Diana and I heard you've been spending a lot of time here, without any kind of explanation to your sister Amazons.  The others are getting worried…"

"WE were getting worried," Diana interjected.  "You don't normally spend any time here unless…"

A strange voice could be heard in the distance.

"Polly?  Are you here?"

It was a MAN'S voice.

"MOTHER!" Diana said in shock.  "You… you… you brought a MAN here?"

Hippolyta smiled.  "And what is wrong with that?  That is WHY this isle was created, wasn't it?  BOTH of you brought men to this isle in the past."  She pointed at Diana.  "YOU with your pilot, and then later with your League friends."  Then she pointed at Donna.  "And YOU with your teammates, and then with the man that you once married.  Why can't I enjoy a little fun now and then?"

"Polly?"  The strange male's voice got louder.  "I hear you talking with someone out there."

"Besides," Hippolyta said in a softer tone, "you HAVE to meet him!  Once you do, I think you'll understand what…"

"Oh, there you are," said the male voice.

Diana and Donna were both in shock as a man wearing nothing but a loincloth made his way around the corner.  He was of medium height and build with short but bright ruby red hair and blue eyes that were brighter and deeper than any cobalt blue crystal.

Both princesses felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw him.  It was though they were transported to the Elysian Fields.

"I'm sorry," he said demurely, "I didn't know you had company.  Your daughters, I presume?"

"Yes," Hippolyta said proudly.  "My twin daughters, Diana and Donna.  This is Nathan.  He is a guest of this Isle and of the Island."

Nathan extended his hand to Donna first, "My pleasure… are you Diana or Donna?"

"Donna," she replied as she took his hand.

He kissed the top of Donna's hand.  Then extended his hand to Diana.  "So you must be Diana," he said.

Diana could feel herself blush deeply.  She felt uneasiness underneath her toga.  She reached out and took his hand.  She felt a shiver go down her spine and up between her thighs as he kissed the top of her hand.  "Has it truly been THAT long?" she asked herself.

"Polly, I would swear I was on Olympus itself if I didn't know any better!" he said with a smile.  He couldn't pull his gaze away from Diana, nor could she from him.
Diana gave a deep blush.  She wanted to take him for herself, right then and there, in front of her mother and her mirror-twin sister.  She felt a longing that she had not felt before.  There was something about him that was just… RIGHT.

Both Hippolyta and Donna could see the look the two had for each other.  Both felt a tinge of jealousy, but Donna also knew that Nathan was her mother's guest.  It wouldn't be right for them to take him away from her.  Donna could see the feelings grow.  She felt the same with her ex-husband once.

"Diana, I think we need to get back to the main island," Donna said cautiously.  "We know that our mother is in good hands, right?"

Diana turned her head and smiled.  "Yes… yes I suppose you're right.  We'll… we'll be at the palace for a while."  She knew she had to leave quickly; else her emotions cause her to say or do something that would be considered rude.  She gave her mother a quick kiss on the cheek, then rushed skyward as fast as she could.
Donna gave a quick smile at the guest, kissed her mother on the cheek, and then flew off after Diana.

Hippolyta watched as her two daughters flew back to the main island.  As the two princesses left her view, she turned back to Nathan, who was sitting on a stone bench, marveling at the sight before him.  Somehow she wasn't surprised that his simple loincloth had somehow vanished.

"You have beautiful daughters indeed," he said.  "They are every bit as beautiful as you have described them."

"They should be," she said with pride.  "They were blessed from the gods."

"You know," he said wistfully, "I would love to stay here.  Or at least some place like this.  Maybe set up my own island.  Someplace where you don't have to worry about being queen.  Someplace where you can just be my sweet Polly."

He reminded her of Apollo, or perhaps Hermes, or maybe even of a redheaded Achilles, sitting there with nothing but a smile.  But she knew that her time with him would be for their mutual satisfaction, nothing more.  She had taken several lovers in her time, and she would take many more afterwards.  She saw the bond that was just starting to forge between Diana and Nathan, and she knew that she could not deprive her daughter of that kind of happiness.

But that day would not be today.  Today he was hers, and as he got up from the bench to remove her simple toga, she was reminded that she was, in fact, in the presence of a god.  Maybe not a god of Olympus, but certainly a god in his own right.


First Meetingby djmatt2

Mature Content
This is a story done with the blessings of :iconexgemini: telling how Nathan Furian first encountered she would be his fiancee.

This story takes place before the creation of the Island.
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L1701E Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
So, here is where Nathan got the idea for the Island, huh? Neat.
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
:pissed: Now I'm really jealous about this whole Amazon Island and Polly and Diana and Donna too! ... Not fair ... why he couldn't crashland in my living room? I would have taken care of him every minute of my life ... not like "Misery" ofcourse :evillaugh:

Good writing and very good reading too like always DJ, I was asking when did you post some new works :)
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. :) (And TY for the :+fav: too)
ExGemini Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As brilliant as unexpected :nod:
I really enjoyed and lost myself in the reading of this story, you really went close close to what I was expecting you to write, and that's is both cool and scary at the same time :D

I'm honored, as usuall, when you include Nathan in one of your writings, thank you :thanks:
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you thank you Ex. (and for the :+fav: too) Of course it wouldn't have been possible without your renders to inspire me.
ExGemini Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's what fullfills my life, inspiring others with my renders :D
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
5 star work I see I have been supplanted as the official biographer of Nathan ;) Good leaves me more time to be with girls Mwahaha
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks (and for the :+fav: too), although I don't know about the "official biographer" part. ;)
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
You are very welcome its nice to see his story fleshed out more than in just the conversations I have had with him
ExGemini Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nonsense. You both have different writing styles and I like them both.
I just asked him to write something about Nathan long ago and it happens I've been able to inspire him with a couple of render :nod:
You go writing you lazy old man! :D
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