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After The Debut

(The following is a quick story with characters from the wonderful fantasy world of ~ExGemini.  Any resemblance to characters from certain publications are to be considered strange coincidences and nothing more.  This story takes place during the events of "Island Arrival Part 2" and contains subject matter that is not suitable for certain people.)

DJ's debut at The Glow nightclub was a raving success.  Between the intense music and the surprise of the "Glow-vibe" experience, the majority of the female-dominant crowd left the club more than satisfied and "stimulated".  Some left early.  A few (but not many) left alone.  Some even left still scantily-clad from the experience.  But everyone left with a smile on their faces.

Only a handful of people stayed after the house lights went back up.  Janet Van Dyne, the owner of the nightclub, had to double-check the receipts from the managers of the club, the restaurant, and the pub.  DJ, of course, had to shut down his equipment, and especially after what had happened earlier that day with Circe and BlackFire, he couldn't afford to keep anything of importance out in the open.  

Donna Troy and Kory Anders waited nearby DJ's stage as he began to shut things down.  Both women were reduced to their lingerie from the evening's activities, which Kory was thankful she decided to follow her friend's advice and wear that evening.  They both had slung their party clothes over their arms like jackets, patiently watching with satisfaction as DJ began disconnecting and dismantling.

Just then they were joined by a third person.

Power Girl came up to them wearing a simple white cloth draped over her right shoulder and tied into a toga by a bolt of red fabric.  Her "special" necklace was draped around her neck, and her body also glistened with satisfaction as the fabric clung tightly to her physically perfect and statuesque form.

"Ladies, would you mind if I spoke with DJ really quick?" she asked the two.

Donna and Kory looked at each other briefly with a smile.

"Nope, no problem at all," Kory said with a grin.  "Come on, Donna, I think this is a 'Lady Room' time."

Donna giggled.  "Close enough, Kory."

Power Girl watched with anticipation as the two made their way to the restroom, leaving DJ all to herself.  She took a deep breath and hopped on the stage.

"Hi," she said with a nervous smile.  "Got a minute?"

"Sure," DJ said as he finished working on his laptop.  "Takes a minute for the laptop to shut down anyway."  He then turned to face her.  "I saw you on the dance floor earlier.  Pretty hot."  He extended his hand to her.  "Glad to finally meet you in person, Power Girl."

She took his hand, and as she did, he leaned in and kissed hers.  She gave a slight blush at his gentlemanly gesture.  "It's… it's Karen.  KARA!  Kara, actually!"

He leaned in and gave her hand another kiss.  "Then it's my pleasure, Kara, to make your acquaintance in person."

Now she was really blushing.  She gently withdrew her hand as she felt her nipples get harder underneath the damp cloth.  

"I… I actually had a somewhat serious question to ask of you," she said.  "You came from Paragon City in Rhode Island, right?"

"Paragon by way of a few other places," he replied.  "But yes, I am a registered hero there."

"Then maybe you can help me on something.  I've been hearing about a woman that looks like me and has my powers over in Paragon City.  Goes by the name of Galatea Powers.  Have you ever heard of her?"

DJ put a hand to his chin and rubbed the late-night stubble on his jawline.  "Galatea Powers?  Nope, can't say that I do."

Kara gave a hard look.  "Are you sure?  I kept on hearing about stories of her exploits in Paragon City, taking on someone called Doctor Vahzilok…"

"Now him I've heard about," DJ interjected.  "But not this 'Galatea Powers', and believe me, if there was someone who looked just like you there, I would have known about it.  I know my team, the Legion of Infinity, is led by a woman named Laurel Conner, and she has similar powers to you.  And then there's Starsupreme, but he's a guy and mentally he's not all there, if you know what I mean."

Kara frowned.  "You're positive, right?  Nobody like me?"

"It's hard to not notice someone like you, Kara.  Unless maybe they're blind."

She giggled softly.

"But I have heard about alternate dimensions," he added.  "And Paragon City is rife with a few alternate universes. It sounds like your Paragon doppelganger could be one of them."

"Oh," she said with a half-frown. "Hmm… so much for the copyright lawsuit.  But while I got you here, there is something I have been meaning to ask."

"Okay," he replied.  "What's up?"

She moved in closer to him.  "Can you repeat to me what you told Nathan about me and my symbol?"

"Your what?"

"You know, the cleavage-bearing hole in my outfit.  You told Nathan something about it from my interview with Justice Illustrated.  I want to know if you meant what you said."

"I still mean it," he replied softly.  "You think that hole is a gap, but it's really not.  It's you, Kara.  That hole reflects your heart and your strength and your will.  Everything that you have taken pride in before…"

Before he could finish, she put her mouth to his.  Then she quickly stepped back.

"I'm sorry!" she exclaimed.  "That was…"

"Somewhat pleasant," he replied.

"I don't normally do that," she said, blushing.  "But… if you weren't already with Kory…"  Just then she heard Kory and Donna returning.  She leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "Anytime… anywhere… just call me, okay?"  She took off her necklace and handed it to him.  "One sec…"

DJ felt a rush of wind around him as he took the strange green necklace from her.  Two seconds later he felt a second rush of wind and the necklace was replaced with something else in his hand.

"Thanks," she said with a wink as she finished putting the necklace back around her neck.  "Can't do anything with this on, but not too many people around here know that, so let's keep that between us, okay?"

He looked down at what she put in his hand.  It was a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it.  He quickly put into his pocket.

"Girls," Kara said cheerfully to the approaching ladies.  "You have a real catch there… keep an eye on him."

The two friends gave a quizzical look at Power Girl as she walked between them with a particular brisk step and almost sped out the door.  Then they turned back at DJ.

"DJ," Donna said with a sly grin, "what did you two do?"

"Oh she just had some questions about Paragon City, that's all," he replied.

"That is ALL?" Kory said skeptically.

"Well, okay, there WAS something that I had told Nathan that she wanted cleared up," he added.  "But that's it."

Then he closed the top of his laptop and slid it into the travel case.  "NOW… who's hosting the after-party?"

"Excuse me?" Kory said.  "I thought the party was over."

"Well you know the old song…" he said as he picked up the travel case and slung it over his shoulder.  "After the party is the AFTER-party, after that is the hotel lobby…"

"I have not heard that particular song before," Kory said.  "Can you sing some more please?"

Donna giggled.  "Kory, I think he means where people go after the club is closed.  You know, normally we just go back to Nathan's place, or sometimes to the suite that we share."

"Maybe that can be our after-party?" Kory asked with a grin as she took DJ's left arm.

"Let's find out," Donna said as she took DJ's right arm.  "Hold on to your laptop, DJ; you're about to fly Air Titan!"

--- NOT THE END ---
Here's a quick story done in between the events of "Island Arrival Part 2" [link] .
Gratis, of course, has to go to my good friend Ex :iconexgemini: for the Island, for which I am eternally grateful for the invite and the wonderful company.

Oh, and this [link] is the interview in question.

BTW, I am playing it safe by putting out the mature theme warning here.

There will be more about DJ's experiences on the Island soon. A certain mischievous temptress isn't through with either DJ or Nathan Furian.
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BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
:excited: I was so excited when your new work poped on my screen.
I must say that I really enjoy your writing, very smooth and filled with the right amount of details.

Lately I read alot of comics ( took a big break from work, I was going nuts ) and this week I'll finaly spend sometime with Nathan together, but I must say that you totally hit the soft side of Karen/Kara/PowerGirl :)
The hope to find someone like her, the sadness and yet the strong to keep going :) Even the special jewel that Nathan designed for her :) Nice nice!
Can't wait to read more, work you lazy boyo! :)
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. That was something I came up with relatively quickly (well most of it anyway).
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
"Both women were reduced to their lingerie from the evening's activities, which Kory was thankful she decided to follow her friend's advice and wear that evening."

That line my friend is pure classic and so spot on. Cant wait to see more
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. :) Always gotta love Kory's uninhibited side.
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
Yes she is such a free spirit of course it has a lot to do with just not understanding us silly humans
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
Weren't you a god or something? :giggle:
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
Yes but still a humanoid god and thus my thinking and logic is still predicating on typical Terran synaptic activity while hers are very alien
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
Yeh yeh, excuses :P
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
ExGemini Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh It's always an immersing pleasure to read your stories.
It's always nice to see how the people I consider good friends, interact with the small pocket universe I created and named "The Island" :)

You know buddy, when I read something you or Ares wrote, time stops. I slip in a dimension where 100% of my attention is devoted to what I read and while I read I can picture the words. Like walking in a virtual reality environment.
That might even be due the fact that I gave this super ladies a body and face myself with my renders too, but still is quite an amazing thing :nod:

I can't wait to read more, I always say that and I'll keep doing so for a long time :D

So now you taking Karen too from my arm mh? You really want to see me alone in a corner in my big mansion? Or you planing to throw me out of my own house too? :D Just kidding ofcourse!
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you enjoyed it. And of course thanks for the :+fav: .

Wait... uh, Kory? No, like I said, she kissed me. No, really. Yes I know she's with Nathan and Diana... Yes, Donna told me all about the hierarchy...

*sigh* it's going to be along night... :hmm:
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
The "she kissed me" defence won't work darling :)
ExGemini Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The question is: will DJ survive this night?
We'll see in the next episode! :D
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